We at MSA are successful because of our volunteers, donators and sponsors. There are many ways that you can support us.

On average we cook around 100 meals a night and deliver them to the team operating that night. We are always looking for people who would be willing to help us with cooking regularly each week. We would pay for you to attend a food hygiene course.

Run a sponsored event. Hold a raffle. Donate old clothes. Add a few items to your food shopping to donate.

To help us raise funds schools can host a coffee morning, hold a disco,
have a “dress down” day or 
hold a talent show.
To also help the homeless schools can agree to accept donations of
clothing, camping essentials, bedding, food and toiletries.
Plus have a donation bucket.

There are so many ways you can help and we couldn’t help the homeless every day without your help.

Some luxuries we take for granted. Having a drawer for underwear and a drawer for socks. The homeless don’t have that luxury so they can’t change them everyday let alone put them in a drawer.

Our volunteers stay with us because their opinions are respected and they can see the difference they make. Whether you give up one evening a week or volunteer everyday you will have more compassion and experience values that you never knew you had.



Amber started MSA. With my family as my friends, through MSA I now have a second family, all of whom are supportive and understanding. They’re always ready to listen and talk.

 We are more than a soup kitchen, we are a homemade dinner and available for a good chat, whatever the weather and  with whoever is volunteering that night. You will gain relationships with people who trust you so dependently.

We also help the people the homeless love the most…their pet. As their lead is a piece of rope we’ll get a new one. Get a vet to give them a health check, including flea and worming treatment.

 We have an array of clothing the homeless can wear. We can take orders for specific items, such as suits for an interview or a funeral. Smart shoes, a haircut, a shower.

We are more than a soup kitchen because of the compassion that comes from our volunteers.

“Your Character is measured on how you treat people who can give you nothing”